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Truth be known – it’s the people using Headway Basingstoke’s services who inspire me. I witness their strength and determination to overcome the difficulties they are experiencing in living with brain injury every day. Whether they are affected directly by brain injury themselves or are carers working with their loved ones; how could I not be inspired by their stories and experiences. I know I draw on their strength when facing challenges myself.

Heather Jury – Service Manager, Headway Basingstoke


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This video was produced by Headway – the brain injury association. All services mentioned in the video are UK-wide initiatives.

Here are some of their own inspirational stories:.

Case Studies

Hero's Journey

I was inspired to create this piece of clay work while I was on my Hero’s Journey at Headway Basingstoke.
I wanted to have something to symbolise that journey and to keep to remind me of that as it has played such a huge and important part of my recovery.
Also, to inspire me to keep up all the hard work involved to get the best results for me following my brain injury.
I see the butterfly as “The New Me”, being set free to fly and move onto new things and new ventures following my stroke.

Kim Hollands



It felt like time for a party!

  • 40 years of Headway – the brain injury association seems like a celebration no-one at Headway Basingstoke wanted to miss. As an affiliate to Headway UK, it seemed like a good idea to join in on all the fun!

Our Hats for Headway evening on Friday 24th June held at Headway Place, Basingstoke and was supported by 57 attendees including service users, carers, volunteers and staff.

The evening raised £194.00; making a great contribution towards our fundraising targets.

Our service users planned the evening events and were brimming with ideas including:

  •  Novelty cake (hat shaped)
  •  Photo booth
  •  Selection of party foods (cold buffet)
  •  Music
  •  Decorations
  •  Pool tournament
  •  Raffle
  •  Music and picture quiz
  •  Hats for Headway – of course, everyone was wearing hats, all styles, shapes, and sizes.  Everyone had great fun in designing and making their own hat and the conversation before the event focused on “What is your hat like? Is it ready?”

Check out some of our radical hats

Emcor UK volunteers to make improvements to Headway Basingstoke

After hearing about the help and support provided by Headway Basingstoke to one of their team, a group of Emcor UK staff volunteered to make repairs to our centre.

Full story here: Basingstoke Gazette -Community scheme helps deliver improvements to brain injury charity’s facility

Local MP visits Headway Basingstoke

Maria Miller MP spends the day at Headway Basingstoke volunteering and supporting people with brain injury with rehabilitation

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