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This video was produced by Headway UK. All services mentioned in the video are UK-wide initiatives.


Maria Miller MP spends the day at Headway Basingstoke volunteering and supporting people with brain injury with rehabilitation

Client Feedback

Help through Covid

“Just wanted to write a bit of feedback on your continued support & service during COVID,  I think it’s AMAZING how you have continued to offer the support & the time that you have during this pandemic.

I benefit from my weekly ZOOM calls with my key worker so much & in so many ways. Its contact that is so important, especially at the moment.

It was hard suddenly not being able to come to Headway Place for continued rehabilitation & seeing everyone.”

“You also miss the contact with like-minded Stroke Survivors that you can relate to in so many ways, but the fact that you know you are not alone & can be in contact should you need support. It’s VERY REASSURING & SO IMPORTANT when you have suffered a brain injury especially.

It might just be that you needed social contact with someone, or that you are worried about something or just struggling & it would help to talk.

My keyworker has supported me through some blips & sad times, but we have also found things to SMILE & LAUGH about too.

 It was incredibly helpful when I was able to come in (before Lockdown) & have an assessment with the clinical lead and my keyworker during a more difficult time & with a few concerns over my health at that point.”

“You are an incredible support as an organisation & one I can’t praise enough! I’m 100% sure I would not be where I am without all your help, support & guidance. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I feel my acceptance of the NEW ME, IS GROWING & EVOLVING ALL THE TIME 🙂. Yes I have my ups & downs & setbacks, but I’m a STROKE SURVIVOR & that’s all part of it, but my ACCEPTANCE is growing too.”

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