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Headway Basingstoke is able to provide information and advice to clinicians and other professionals working in the field of brain injury. We provide a range of services that are tailored to meet individuals’ needs at every stage of their rehabilitation.

We are happy to work with professionals to promote awareness and help rebuild lives after brain injury. We are open to working in partnership to provide services, support and information.

Information about all our services is available in our Supporting You  section.

We only accept clients by referral. Please read our admission criteria below before making a referral.

Admission Criteria for Headway Service

Adults aged 18 and over, with no upper age limit, who have suffered traumatic or acquired brain injury during their adult life.
Residents within the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group area. However, individuals from other areas may be admitted depending upon capacity, individual circumstances and appropriate funding.
Individuals need to be able to attend to their personal care – including taking medication, or have external one to one support in the form of a Personal Carer / Support Worker to carry out this task. Headway Basingstoke is legally unable to offer this support to individual clients. Service users with mobility issues or demonstrate a high risk of falls may require an external support worker to be present whilst the client is on site. Headway Basingstoke is unable to offer this service to individual clients. The service may be refused under these circumstances.

Individuals may not be admitted if they fit the following exclusion criteria:

  •  Have a pre-existing learning disability.
  •  Have an age-related issue such as dementia.
  •  Have a neurodegenerative condition.
  •  Have any pre-dominate addiction issues.
  •  Have any pre-dominate psychiatric conditions (however mild anxiety or depression may be accepted)
  •  Have behavioural problems which may be a risk to themselves or others.
  •  The management team have final say for each client’s acceptance to the service following an assessment of cognitive needs.
To refer your patient to Headway Basingstoke please follow the referral process below.
  1. Download (using the button below), complete and forward your referral form to refer someone for rehabilitation at Headway Basingstoke.
  2. Click here to send the information securely to our referrals administrator. Professionals should only use NHS email accounts to submit online, alternatively please send referrals via postal services. 
  3. Send us all the relevant information, such as medical reports and records for the person being referred, an indication of their needs and their current situation.
  4. We will then contact them to arrange an initial assessment with the person you are referring. This will help us understand whether our services and programmes are suitable for their needs.
  5. We will recommend alternative organisations or services if we are unable to support the person you want to refer.
  6. After a functional assessment, you will receive details of our recommendations.
  7. Patients registered with a North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group GP practice will be fully funded.
  8. Patients outside this CCG area will need to be funded by their own CCG through an Individual Funding Agreement (IFA) which needs to be secured by the referring professional before the patient can start any rehabilitation programme.  Headway Basingstoke is not responsible and cannot secure this funding on the patient’s behalf.

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